WOD 071614

Phase 1
2 min
Push Up
Can’t lift hands or feet off ground once started. Can’t put knees on ground once started. only rest position is the pike. You can slide hands and feet around as long as them remain in contact with ground. Maintain a plank, elbows must break the plain of your back.

Female Option
May put knees on ground. you may not rest back on your heels.


2 min
Sit Up
keep feet held/wedged to the ground. Leg bent, hands interlaced behind your head. Your butt must remain on the ground, You cannot pop or rock up, or roll to one side. You must pull yourself up to where your back breaks the vertical plain. The only rest position in the up position. Your hand must remain interlocked and may not come off your head.


Max Pull Ups
Hang free from the Bar with arms in fully extended position in a dead hang. Pull yourself up until your chin is over the bar. you may not swing or kick in any manner to get over the bar. When you come off the bar you are finished.

Female option
get chin over bar and hold for as many seconds as possible. You are finished when your chin goes below bar. You may not rest or put chin of bar.


Run 2 miles