WOD 102214

A. close grip bench press build to a tough 5
B. 12mins emom
odd – Push press TnG x 5 60% of 1rm (+ 20 DU)
even – CTB chin ups 7-10
C. 12mins emom
odd – HSPU x 8-10
even – pendlay row x 4-5
D. for time
30 wall balls 20# 10′ target
20 PC and jerk 135/95#
10 MU

– take your time for A
– speed focus on both emom
– record time on workout

WOD 102114

A. segmented snatch deadlift – pause 2 sec 1″ off ground, below knee, mid-thigh – 5 sets of 2, rest 2mins btw sets small build per set
B. snatch pull x 1/hang snatch high pull x 1/hang power snatch x 1 – build this complex in 10mins
C. 5 min emom – Power Clean TnG x 5 65% of 1rm
D. 3 sets 95% effort
Run 250m
10 burpees box jump overs 24/20″
10 DB snatch 75/50# alt hands per rep
rest walk 4mins

– work on breathing and keeping each rep consistent on TnG work
– goal is same pace each set push these and try to hold on

WOD 102014

10mins 85% effort
Run 200m
25 DU

rest 4mins

10mins 85% effort
8 wall balls 20/15# 10/9′ target
8 T2B in unbroken sets of 4
8 box jump on and over 24/20″

rest 4mins

10mins 85% effort
3 Power Snatch 115/75#
2 wall walks
1 rope climb 15′

rest 4mins

10mins 85% effort
DU 20
Plank 30sec
Run 200m

– all should be at a sustainable pace focus on breathing and recovery

WOD 101714

Track Workout

3 rounds

800m, 600m, 400m, 200m

3min rest b/t reps and 5min rest b/t rounds

Total: 6000m


Track Workout Details: This is a fast interval workout with lots of rest. As noted below, the pacing gets progressively faster in the shorter distances. However, the intensity will actually feel easier due to the shorter distances. My advice…start with a slightly conservative pace (maybe 1 row below your current mile PR), develop some confidence, and then get after that 2nd and 3rd round.


Run 800m, rest 3min, run 600m, rest 3min, run 400m, rest 3min, run 200m, rest 5min. Repeat until you complete a total of 3 rounds.


Track Workout Pacing:

Current Mile PR Time

800m target time

800m pace (per 100m)

600m target time

600m pace (per 100m)

400m target time

400m pace (per 100m)

200m target time

200m pace (per 100m)

WOD 101514

A. snatch build to a perfect single take your time
B. clean and jerk build to a perfect single take your time


C. 10 min Max Reps:
Box Jump w/step down – 24″ Box

- Men and Women use 24″ Box
– Full extension of the hips at the top
– Step down from top of box
– Find score by multiplying BWT (kgs) by repetitions by box height (0.61 meters)
– Post scores to the comments below

WOD 101414

8min 90% effort:
Run 200m
25 DU

rest 4mins

8mins 90% effort:
10 walk lunges
10 db/kbs 55/35#
10 situps

rest 4mins

8mins 90% effort:
2 unbroken MU
7 straight legged situps
3 Power Snatch 115/75#

rest 4mins

8mins 90% effort:
Jump rope for same pace entire time

WOD 101314

A. Deadlift build to a tough 5 TnG (Don’t drop bar)
B. 1 clean and jerk ever 30sec for 10mins 65% of 1rm
C. 1 Power Snatch every 15sec for 5mins 115/75#
D. 6mins amrap
Power Clean x 1/Front lunge R x 1 and L x 1/Shoulder 2 Overhead x 1= 1rep
– record 5rm
– squat clean and split jerk go into the SJ quickly
– PS should be quick and snappy each rep
– record total reps

WOD 100914

5 Rounds in each set
A. Close grip bench press @30X0; 5rep; rest 3mins
B. amrap HSPU 3″ deficit 15rep max; rest 20sec
C. L – pull up 6-8; rest 20sec
D. 10 KB clean and jerk 55/35#; rest 20sec
E. amrap rope climbs in 45sec; rest 3mins
F. every 2 mins 4 TGU 70/55# alt hands per rep

– build to a tough 5 and stay there for bench
– kipping on HSPU
– hang DB/KB PC and jerk
– 15′ rope record each round